Asanti AB810 Ballistic Chrome Wheels

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The Asanti AB810 Ballistic Chrome Wheels embody the pinnacle of luxury and performance in the automotive world. Expertly crafted from premium materials and engineered with precision, these wheels showcase Asanti’s commitment to excellence. The meticulous polishing and chrome plating process results in a mirror-like finish that demands attention. The striking multi-spoke design not only adds visual depth but also optimizes airflow, enhancing braking and handling. The lightweight construction minimizes rotational mass, improving fuel efficiency and responsiveness. With various sizes, offsets, and finishes available, the Asanti AB810 wheels can be tailored to perfectly complement your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance needs. Step up to the world of automotive elegance and make a statement with the Asanti AB810 Ballistic Chrome Wheels, where luxury and performance harmoniously coexist.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern

5×127/5×5.0, 5×139.7/5×5.5, 5×150, 6×135, 6×139.7/6×5.5, 8×165.1/8×6.5, 8×170, 8×180

Wheel Diameter

20", 22"

Offset (mm)

-44mm, -18mm, -12mm



Product Type


Wheel Color


Wheel Width

9", 12"

Wheel Size

20×9, 20×12, 22×12

Wheel Bolt Pattern

5×127, 5×139.7, 5×150, 5×5.0, 5×5.5, 6×135, 6×139.7, 6×5.5, 8×165.1, 8×170, 8×180, 8×6.5

1 review for Asanti AB810 Ballistic Chrome Wheels

  1. Caleb (verified owner)

    Impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional aesthetics. Asanti rims add a touch of luxury to my ride.

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