Fuel D735 Warp Matte Bronze 1-Piece Wheels

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Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance with the Fuel D735 Warp Matte Bronze 1-Piece Wheels. These wheels captivate with their eye-catching Warp design and matte bronze finish, exuding an aggressive and authoritative presence on the road. Engineered from high-quality aluminum alloy, they provide both strength and lightweight, ensuring exceptional handling and maneuverability. Their one-piece construction offers unwavering structural integrity, while the matte bronze finish adds a touch of personality and sophistication. Designed with precision, the Fuel D735 Warp Matte Bronze wheels seamlessly integrate with a range of vehicles, elevating their appearance and performance. Their versatile fitment ensures compatibility with various makes and models, making them an ideal choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking a distinctive upgrade. These wheels are the perfect companions for any adventure, whether navigating urban streets, conquering rugged terrains, or embarking on thrilling off-road excursions, enabling you to conquer any road with confidence and style.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern

5×120, 5×127/5×5.0, 5×150, 6×120, 6×135, 6×139.7/6×5.5

Wheel Diameter

17", 20"

Offset (mm)

-18mm, -12mm, 1mm, 20mm, 30mm



Product Type


Wheel Color


Wheel Width


Wheel Size

17×9, 20×9

Wheel Bolt Pattern

5×120, 5×127, 5×150, 5×5.0, 6×120, 6×135, 6×139.7, 6×5.5


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