MSA M50 Clubber Matte Black DDT UTV Rims



Elevate your SxS to new heights with the MSA M50 Clubber Matte Black DDT UTV Rims. MSA, a trailblazer in off-road wheels, has meticulously crafted this rim to deliver both style and performance. With its captivating matte black, gloss black, and machined finishes, the MSA Clubber M50 stands out from the crowd. Get ready to turn heads on the trails with these eye-catching rims. But it’s not just about looks – these rims are built to perform. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with the MSA Clubber M50 Rim. Upgrade your ride today and conquer any terrain with confidence.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern


Wheel Size

14×7, 15×7, 20×7, 22×7

Offset (mm)

0mm, 10mm


MSA Wheels

Wheel Color

Black, DDT

Product Type

Wheels, UTV Wheels


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