Fuel D739 Shok Dark Blue 1-Piece Wheels



The Fuel D739 Shok Dark Blue 1-Piece Wheels are a captivating upgrade for your vehicle, meticulously engineered from premium aluminum alloy for exceptional durability and lightness. Their striking dark blue finish and aggressive spoke design are sure to turn heads, adding a touch of sophistication and eye-catching flair. These wheels are designed as a single solid unit, providing unmatched strength and rigidity for optimal handling and performance. Their dark blue finish is highly resistant to dirt and grime, making maintenance a breeze. Choose from various size options to complement your vehicle perfectly. By investing in these wheels, you elevate your ride’s aesthetics, enhance its performance, and experience uncompromising quality that meets the highest standards.

Additional information

Bolt Pattern

5×127/5×5.0, 6×114.3/6×4.5, 6×139.7/6×5.5

Wheel Diameter

17", 18"

Offset (mm)

-12mm, 1mm



Product Type


Wheel Color


Wheel Width


Wheel Size

17×9, 18×9

Wheel Bolt Pattern

5×127, 5×5.0, 6×114.3, 6×139.7, 6×4.5, 6×5.5


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